Armed Man Performance - Boat trip

Armed Man Performance

Unfortunately I didn't take many pix this time around. Plan to do better next time.


En-route to Bellapais Abbey for our first performance.

Cyprus   Cyprus   Cyprus

"Tom and Jake, how about a quick photo up in the pulpit?"

"Oh yeah! It's cool up there!" (Whoosh!)

The Boat Trip!

We had to bring this trip forward a day because of the weather forecast.


Kyrenia Castle from the boat.

Cyprus   Cyprus   Cyprus

Jake keeps us amused with handstands on the sunbeds. It's one way to keep warm!


Ho ho ho! Father Christmas on holiday! Notice the red cap and shorts.

I did do some good snorkelling after an earlier practice in the hotel pool where I was imitating an exhaling whale, trying to clear the tube after a dive for continued breathing! Around the breakwater rocks there were some colourful fish.

I got out of the water expecting to get dry again!


What's this? The unusually stippled sea is because of rain!!


...and this? Usually you can't find a sunbed without a 'Besetzt' towel or a sunworshipper on it! Where is everyone?!

Cyprus   Cyprus

Here they are!

I was lying on the sunbed in my own puddle as the water dripped on me. When I got off the boat I was as wet as when I climbed out of the sea!

Antiphonitis Church